network2network1We have the newest in network equipment available in store. From Routers & Bridges Hubs & Switches, Network adapters, Network Cables, Internet Devices, Transceivers / Repeaters/ Converters, Wireless Products and Wiring Closets & Racks. We can cater to all of your wireless needs and help to
structure your home or business network with the latest available tools for building wireless networks.
If you are experiencing signal products or connectivity issues our technicians are able to meet with you for a consultation, help you troubleshoot your network settings and offer solutions such as wireless range boosters and repeater technology in order to ensure your network remains stable and accessible across your entire business or home.
We offer products from Linksys, Dlink, HP, Juniper, and Netgear. With a constantly updating stock it is important to check back often to see whatever new deals we may have.
network3We have a number of accessories and network cables sold in bulk in order to build large wired and wireless business networks, and we can consult with you to make a plan for large scale networks.
We do repairs and troubleshooting on most of our networking devices and are able to provide support with any existing wireless networks you may have no matter the size.
Whether your looking for a speed boost, setting up a new wireless network or linking your office together into one network, our technicians, with nearly 20 years of IT experience serving the GTA are available to assist with any of your networking needs.