server1server2We have a number of different server options in stock and offer custom build options to suit the need of your business or home network.
We can custom build Rackmount /Tower Supermicro, Intel or Asus based servers to your specifications.
We also offer a number of pre-built servers from brand names such as lenovo and HP.
Our servers can serve a variety of purposes from email servers, to web to database we are able to set up or build a server to carry out any function for your networking needs.
server3We are able to perform maintenance and repairs on any name brand servers that you may have existing, as well as any of our custom built servers purchased from the IOM store. Our replacement parts and services are backed by nearly 20 years of IT experience in the GTA.
We can upgrade your servers and ensure they are up to date and on the leading edge of todays technology, optimization is the key.
We are able to upgrade and reconfigure existing servers and help you to optimize your server to get the full potential out of it.
We are able to provide accessories and parts for any maintenance you or your business may want to take on individually as well.
Our technicians are available for a consultation at any time to help with any server purchase needs and server installation and setup services. We constantly have new stock coming in and new deals everyday on servers and upgrade services.