storage1storage2We have a number of storage solutions for your backups or for mobile storage.
We have products such as Hard Drives, Storage Arrays, Flash Drives, Tape Drives, Optical media, Tape Media and NAS Servers.
We have enclosures and accessories for mobile storage and offer brand names such as, Seagate and Western Digital.
For internal hard drives we are able to provide installation and upgrade services on any machine that you may have existing. This also goes for any one of the band name pc’s we have in stock or our custom built pc’s.
We have thumb drives of just about any size and price range for quick file sharing and keeping your files backed up and portable.
We also have a number of card readers and USB extensions in stock ensuring that all of your portable storage can be read regardless of the pc or device that you are reading them on.
storage3We do a number of repairs to storage devices as well and can provide upgrades in some cases to increase your storage even further. We are also able to provide data recovery services in order to recover lost data that still may be present on your hard drive.
We have extra parts available for all of the brands that we carry in stock.