desktop-pc1At IOM Computers we offer the latest and fastest desktop/workstation computers for both business and personal users. We can provide bulk PC services for a work group or on an individual machine basis.
We can custom build any PC to your specifications and hardware needs, installing any software you may need and setting up your PC so it is ready to use the first time you turn it on.
We also carry pre-built, name brand desktop computers from brands such as Acer, HP and Lenovo. Our custom build/ resale program has computers built to spec to perform a number of functions ranging from home/ office computers, gamer PC’s, business workstations, CAD workstations , Graphic workstations and video editing workstations.


Whatever your need from your PC we are prepared to build one to suit you or your business’s personal style of use. We carry upgrade and replacement parts for all our custom PC’s as well as the name brand models we have in stock.
We not only service our own models but we service desktop PC’s of any brand and from any store. Simply call and set up a consultation with us or bring in your PC to our location.
IOM Computers, Sells, Services, Upgrades and Repairs desktop PC’s of all types in the GTA and throughout Ontario.