powerdevice1powerdevices2We have the latest power devices to suit your business or homes power needs, and to cater to all devices.
We offer the newest Batteries, UPS, Inverters, Line Conditioners, Power Adapters, Surge Suppressors and Battery Cabinets to fit your budget and needs.
With our backup systems we are able to keep your business and home devices running in the event of a power outage saving your important files and allowing you to work even when the electricity is out.
We offer smaller backup systems that will give you enough power to save work, and others that will allow you and your office to stay productive for an entire day of work even without power.
We are able to meet up and design the best option for you and your power backup needs.
We also carry a number of replacement power parts such as laptop batteries and AC adapters for all of the Laptop and tablet models that we have in stock. If any of your cables have gone missing or you simply want a spare simply check our website or give us a call to see if we have a compatible adapter for your device.
powerdevice3Our surge protection power bars and surge suppressing devices will offer your devices protection in the event of a power storm or any other known electricity issue. These act as a buffer creating a last line of defense against a harmful surge of electricity and your device. A good lightning strike can knock out an entire office and cause a great loss in productivity, but with surge protection you are given piece of mind and insurance for your devices and irreplaceable data.