Disaster Prevention: Considering the dangers presented by unauthorized data access as well as massive security breaches incurred just recently by Sony, Nintendo and others we treat perimeter security, intranet activity monitoring and server access security as a highest priority tasks. You already know that preventing a problem always costs less than dealing with its consequences. By your request we will analyze your data access infrastructure and client-to-server communications and produce a competent security enforcement and monitoring plan. IOM Computers is a proud business associate of such well known companies as Symantec, McAfee, Cisco, Avaya, Juniper and others, thus our arsenal of security monitoring tools is quite versatile. We can also design and deploy a multi-layer antiviral control system, spam filtering solutions and user authentication solutions based on leading industry standards.

Disaster Recovery: We have to admit that despite of all the known data security guidelines, well known hacking incidents, and our own recommendations, some companies are still relying on a good old belief “It’s not gonna happen to us…”. They’d rather contact us post-factum when the damage has already occurred. In such cases, we will help to lockdown the affected resource whether it is a compromised web-server or a messed up network. A thorough investigation will reveal how the hacking attempt has taken place and managed to succeed. Necessary actions will be taken to patch the security hole and prevent it from being exploited again. User access policies will be revised, passwords changed, authentication protocols upgraded. If necessary we will brief/train your employees on how to avoid security breaches originating from a so-called “human factor”.